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a chengguan officer helps a shop owner in quarantine to sell 500 kilograms of crabs

肖立勋(右)向张世君表示感谢  xiao lixun (right) expresses gratitude to zhang shijun

张世君帮忙卖螃蟹  zhang shijun assists in selling crabs


通讯员 赵志宏 陶媛

摄影:极目新闻记者 卢成汉

翻译:刘菲菲 赵姜卉芸 尹珩 (湖北大学)

jimu news reporter: lu chenghan

correspondents: zhao zhihong, tao yuan

photographer:lu chenghan

translators: liu feifei, zhao jianghuiyun, yin heng (hubei university)



on october 21st, xiao lixun, the owner of a wholesale shop for crabs on wusheng east street, qiaokou district, wuhan, was quarantined after having close contact with an asymptomatic carrier. however, in the face the 500 kilograms of unsold crabs left in his store, he became extremely anxious. it was then that he turned to zhang shijun, a chengguan[1] officer in liujiaoting subdistrict, qiaokou district for help.

([1] chengguang officers are often responsible for the urban management and administration.)


zhang shijun agreed upon receiving the call. by the following day, with the support of the subdistrict and community, the crabs were sold out in less than half a day. afterwards, zhang shijun gave all the money to xiao shixun.


on november 19th, in an interview with a jimu news reporter, xiao shixun said he and his wife presented a pennant to liujiaoting subdistrict administration centre after their quarantine ended. with the phrases the virus is merciless. but the world is full of love. printed on it, the pennant was a symbol of the couple's gratitude for zhang shijun's timely help.



crab shop owner under great anxiety over his store



late autumn is the best time to enjoy crabs.


on friday, october 21st, xiao lixun, owner of a wholesale shop for crabs on wusheng east street, believing that business would be good on the weekend, purchased 400 kilograms of crabs. combined with the stock of the previous day, he had 500 kilograms of unsold crabs in total.


unexpectedly, at 7 p.m., xiao lixun was informed by the community that his family and 2 staff members needed to be put in quarantine in a designated hotel since an asymptomatic carrier had visited his shop around october 16th.


“if i didn't sell out the crabs i had purchased immediately, i would end up with a loss of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.” xiao lixun said to the jimu news reporter. although he understood and cooperated with the epidemic prevention policy, he was extremely anxious, “i even got blisters around my mouth due to anxiety.”


at this very moment, zhang shijun, a chengguan officer in liujiaoting subdistrict flashed into xiao's mind.“i have no relatives or friends in wuhan; the only close person i know is zhang shijun, a party member. he was my only hope.” xiao lixun told the reporter.


to his surprise, after knowing of the story, zhang shijun agreed without any hesitation: “don't worry, i will be there soon. be rest assured that i will take good care of your business.”



officer takes on the post as a temporary crab shop owner



at 8 p.m. that day, pandemic control workers took environmental samples from xiao lixun's wholesale shop and disinfected it. the sample results soon came out as negative and all the crabs were safe for sale.


xiao lixun, now relieved of his worries, made a price list where favorable prices were given based on different species and sizes of the crabs, and handed both the list and the keys to zhang shijun, who showed up immediately that night. having done all this, xiao lixun, together with his family and staff, went to the designated hotel for quarantine.


zhang shijun thought that selling crabs the regular way might take a long time. therefore, he recommended the crabs to his colleagues, friends and relatives; he also reported this situation to liujiaoting subdistrict. yang li, the party secretary of liujiaoting subdistrict, contacted the community canteen and her friends at once, hoping they too would make a purchase.


on the morning of october 22nd, zhang shijun went to xiao lixun's wholesale store again, working as a salesman and a cashier. he fished the crabs out and tied them up, quicker each time. due to the affordable price, people were eager to purchase crabs.



all crabs in stock sold out in half a day



pan lijuan and huang jun, the party secretary and deputy party secretary of rongdong community, liujiaoting subdistrict, were also among the purchasers as they came to buy crabs for their community residents.


to answer the call from the subdistrict, community and officer, yijiale elderly care canteen, health service centre, teachers from the institute of education, party members and some residents all came to purchase the crabs.


zhang shijun also invited his colleagues to maintain order and prevent buyers from crowding the area. buyers needed to wait in line outside the store and purchase the crabs in an orderly fashion.


by 11 a.m. that morning, all the crabs in stock had sold out.


when xiao lixun came home after his seven-day quarantine, zhang shijun gave him all the money from selling the crabs, totaling 27,000 yuan. xiao lixun was so grateful that he held zhang shijun's hands tightly and didn't let go.


“it is not just the money, but support and care. my business is getting better each day now, selling out 300 to 350 kilograms of crabs every day.” xiao lixun told the reporter.



a good chengguan who is ready to help others



vendors and residents all consider zhang shijun as a good officer in every sense of the word because he is always ready to help people in difficulties.


last october, rongdong community started to renovate old residential areas. however, a resident, under the pseudonym of wang ping, refused to demolish his 40-squaremeter-plus illegal construction on the roof of the 8th floor, impeding the process of renovation.


zhang shijun came to wang ping's home several times and talked to him multiple times. during their conversation, zhang gathered more details of his situation. facing difficulties in finding housing, wang ping built this illegal construction over 20 years ago. what's more, he couldn't afford another new house, so he was unwilling to demolish it.  


“based on your situation, you are eligible to apply for public rental housing. i will help you contact the relevant authorities and coordinate the matter.” zhang shijun said. he then reported wang ping's situation to the subdistrict office and other relevant departments.


this march, wang ping was allocated a public rental house. he told this result to zhang shijun, and asked the urban management department to help demolish the illegal construction on the roof. as a result, the renovation was able to go on.


mrs. zhou, an elderly who is also a resident in this community, was more impressed by zhang shijun.


it turns out that noises were made during the renovation, but mr. li, mrs. zhou's husband, was paralyzed in bed and sensitive to the noise. after receiving the complaint from mrs. zhou, zhang shijun visited and comforted them. he also arranged for the elderly couple to live in a hotel nearby for two months until the noise was reduced. “we owe officer zhang a great debt of gratitude.” mrs. zhou told the reporter.


“mr. zhang is very polite. thanks to him, our business became prosperous.” fast food restaurant owner luo xiaoguang (pseudonym) was full of praise when mentioning zhang shijun.


since 2005, luo xiaoguang has been driving a tricycle and selling fruits with his wife on liji north road and wusheng road in hankou. “your business is not a long-term solution. it impacts the city's appearance and is exhausting for both of you. it is better to rent a storefront.” zhang shijun said to luo xiaoguang when he was patrolling.


but the couple remained the same. in 2015, they sold breakfast and boxed meal instead of fruits at a pedestrian crossing on liji north road. there were many complaints about their occupying the fire escape, the oil fume pollution to residents and impediment to resident's mobility. every time the officers came, luo xiaoguang was very cooperative and hurriedly closed the stall. but as soon as the officers left, they continued to operate.


zhang shijun still tried hard to persuade them, “only by finding a proper storefront can you have a successful and prosperous business. ”


“he said it so many times that we felt embarrassed.”luo xiaoguang said. in 2019, he finally rented a storefront on liji east street in hankou and opened a fast-food restaurant selling breakfast and lunch. today, his business is getting better. he also hired three helpers in addition to his family.



a helping hand shows the warmth of city


楚天都市报极目新闻记者 王荣海

jimu news reporter: wang ronghai



the story of the crab shop owner and officer is a miniature of wuhan's approach to coordinate pandemic prevention and control with the economic and social development.


regular pandemic prevention and control, steady economic growth and sound development are clear requirements from the cpc central committee for epidemic prevention and control. it is imperative to coordinate pandemic prevention and control with economic and social development, put people's safety and health as the top priority and minimize the covid-19 impact on social-economical development. these approaches will be a test to the management of the government sector as well as the ability and responsibility of government staff.


for pandemic prevention and control, relevant departments will take more precise management measures. for example, some business premises may be closed for a while; some residents may need to self-isolate or quarantine. but no closure or quarantine can isolate people's kindness.


when people encounter difficulties, the officers extended a helping hand to ease people's anxiety. after the shop-owners of the crab store were released from quarantine, they turned their gratitude into motivation and boosted their business. from these stories, we have felt the warmth of wuhan. only by managing the city and serving the citizens with affection and care can our city become more harmonious and warm.